Key Features of Docukit Digital Workflow Management

Customizable electronic forms (e-forms) Allow you to convert traditional paper forms into digital format. Attachments, Validation and business rules are set digitally to enable control on data entry.

Customizable digital workflows and business Rules enable smart routing, which allows data on your e-forms and documents to be automatically routed from one person to another based on the organization’s process flow.

Viewer, Submitter, Reviewer and Approver Roles may be assigned as authority levels for each user

Deadlines are digitally enforced so that reminders are automatically sent out via email. This allows your organization to implement escalation and delegation so processes are always completed on time.

Supports group approval, ad-hoc approval, alternate approvers and other approver rules.

Data can be presented as tabular lists, charts and graphs. Real-time dashboards on workflow data and statistics can be customized.

Data can be sent to external systems via custom connectors and APIs

Components of Docukit Digital Workflow Management


e-Froms Designer

Create your own e-Forms and convert your paper forms into digital, allowing access anytime and anywhere.

Workflow Designer

Customize and configure simple to complex digital business processes to enable more efficient and collaborative digital workflows.


Data Views Designer

Present and display your data as tabular lists, charts, graphs and dashboards.