Introducing Docukit Data Protection App

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In today’s world, larceny in limitless data, including personal data is inevitable due totechnological innovation. Companies are required to protect the personal information of thepeople inside and outside of the organization in their possession to recognize the rights ofindividuals to protect their personal data. But what if you already have archived or transformedall of your documents using the Document Management System or the DMS and you want tomake sure that the documents containing personal information are kept safe? How do you makesure that if your company has properly dispose it? And what if your company has failed todispose it? If ever the company have failed to dispose the documents containing personalinformation, then, the commissioner of personal data protection would have to fine the companyfor doing so.

With Docukit Data Protection App or the DDPA, we will be able to help you search,retrieve, secure and manage your data very easily. Following the data life cycle is alsoobtainable with DDPA. Here, you can create data sets and find out the expiration date of thedata effortlessly. DDPA is very useful in searching and retrieving in Databank. Moreover,Document filing was made easy in filing both physical and vital. You can search files using 8different index tags. Not only that, you can also secure and share the data by assigning admin,who has the access for all and the users, who only have limited access. This will highlycontribute to the productivity of each organization. Also, having this kind of software makes ourlife a lot easier (and more interesting) on a day-to-day basis. As someone whose job revolvesaround a bunch of office files, a software like Docukit DP App is extremely useful. We’reconfident to say that it’s not about storing your data but also protecting them. DDPA encouragesusers to keep their information details well organized in this digital age.

Docukit for Shipment and Logistics

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Cargo handling oftentimes communicate through multitudes of types of documents. Once goods are shipped, you have to create invoices to your customer, whether it’s Freight On Board (FOB) your dock or Freight On Board their dock. In a manual context, the brick and mortar process in shipping sometimes leads to a decrease in efficiency and increase in cost.

It is very important that every piece of document is always available at hand. Having an easier way to find and show documents provide a seamless process from loading and unloading to tracking eliminating risks of delays, charges, fines and lost shipments. 

Digital Archiving delivers a logical solution that harness efficiency in shipping process from getting the shipment details up to billing administration. 

Below are some documents that digital archiving manages:

  • Vessel reports
  • Import / Export reports
  • Discarding report
  • Loading report
  • Receipts and billing documents
  • Logistics Documentation

By putting the right document in to the right hand in just a few clicks, shipment process can be more efficient and eliminates pain points. This allows you to dedicate more time in more revenue-generating projects. 

Digital archiving is usually set to be the subject matter expert in providing efficient solutions in shipping businesses, thus, harnessing profitability and productivity.

Docukit for Construction

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Docukit for Construction Industry

In a construction project, “project” is the key word. Thus, a good project requires a seamless orchestration within its stakeholders: executives, project manager, contractor, subcontractor and the likes. Managing information requires faster access to relevant documents such as drawings, BIM and permits, to name a few.

Digital archiving streamlines the process of viewing and retrieving drawings like BIM and AutoCad and eliminates the process of printing in large formats that is time consuming.

On site, you can also view related documents as some digital archiving solutions are mobile-ready. You can browse it using your phone or tablet online. 

Below are some documents that can be filed via digital archiving:

  • Site Development Plan
  • Certificates
  • Permits like business and occupancy permits
  • Check Voucher, expenses and Purchase Order
  • Large Format Plan Archive

In a nutshell, digital archiving delivers faster tracking of pertinent documents. It is also an accessible and worry-free solution may it be in searching, viewing or alterations.

Digital Archiving A Digital Transformation

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In every facet of economy, whether corporate or in public administration, we embrace change and technology plays a very significant role in this “change”. It simplifies the way things must be done making them faster, more convenient and more efficient than ever.

More businesses are now taking advantage of this change as they find it beneficial. This gives birth to the so-called Digital Transformation or DX.

In a nutshell, DX is enabling business innovations to take effect in different business areas such as office management, service delivery and Omni-channel presence. This DX is focused on harnessing the benefits of current technologies, particularly on digital space, to make their business tools more relevant and useful.

In lieu with the competitive arrival of DX economy is an office efficiency tool that helps drive businesses to achieve its goal – the digital archiving.

Digital Archiving is a solution that accentuates profitability by leveraging on office efficiency and employee productivity. This eliminates pain points on manual office document management by transforming physical documents to digital copies with the use of digital printer, copier or scanner. It diminishes, if not eliminates, human intervention so your employees can directly focus on their main tasks and deliver profit to your business.

There are a lot of benefits that your employees can take advantage of using digital archiving solution. Below are some of these benefits:

  • Easy document search and retrieval
  • Heighten security of confidential documents
  • Manage user access controls on documents
  • Share documents
  • Update and track changes
  • Convenient to use
  • Mobile-ready – employees can work anywhere they go

What is Digital Archiving

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Did you know that 9 hours in a week of an employee’s working time are being wasted in filing and retrieving physical office documents? A Gartner research says. (Gartner Research ID number SPA-11-9200)

Office efficiency and productivity are obviously some of the key factors to your business success. As much as possible, you want to focus on core business activities and lessen hours working on clerical works and one of the challenges is finding the right documents at the right time, PRONTO!

Manual document process eats a lot of working time, lessens employee productivity and incurs expenses on storage and document facility.

Manual document management headaches:

  • Hard to find documents due to bundles of filed papers
  • Misfiled and/or misplaced documents
  • Hard to update and manipulate contents
  • Documents are hard to share
  • Inefficient distribution of paper documents
  • Inefficient retrieval of paper documents
  • Compromised security and confidentiality of documents
  • Recurring additional costs for document storage and facility as time goes by

That said, a new form of business solution has emerged and that is Digital Archiving.

What is Digital Archiving?

Digital Archiving is the process of converting a hard or physical copy into a digital copy.

Digital archiving is a new technology that removes the pain points of physical document management. It will make your business more efficient, cost effective and increase employee’s productivity.

Benefits of Digital Archiving:

  • Cost effective and efficient – eliminate expenses on document storage and facility
  • Plug and Play – easy to use and no need for long technical set-up
  • Easy document search, fast retrieval and/or accessing remotely
  • Heightened security through user access controls
  • Easy and efficient way to edit documents
  • Employees can maximize time working on more income-generating tasks
  • More spacious and cleaner office atmosphere that’s more conducive to work and savings on office rental space