What is Docukit?

Docukit is a software platform for Document Management, Digitization and Business Process Automation

Our Solutions

Document Management

The central repository enabling capture, accessibility, security and control of digitized documents and data.

Digital Workflow Management

Enables digital management and automation of business-critical processes to increase efficiency and productivity.

Personal Data Protection

Enables tracking of of how data is managed and used in compliance with personal data protection laws.

Business Applications

Order and Invoice Automation

Handles incoming invoices, fetches information contained in the invoice documents, classifies and routes them accordingly for review, validation and processing. Integration with external accounting systems to facilitate payment can be made available using our APIs.


Expense Claims and Liquidation

Facilitates handling of claims (expense reimbursements, medical claims, etc) from submission, validation, approval up to payment. The application provides complete claim information and real-time status updates for each transaction.

Contract Management

Tracks and monitors the expiry of renewable documents such as contracts, certifications, permits and other legal documents. The application manages a workflow to facilitate timely compliance to renewal requirements of each document.


Employee on-boarding and off-boarding

Monitors the HR on-boarding process including recruitment, contracting, documentation, employee training and evaluations. This application also covers the monitoring of off-boarding processes which include turnovers, knowledge transfers, asset returns and all other activities related to an employee’s exit from the company.

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