WORK FROM HOME: Things You Need to Prepare

As we mentioned from the previous article “Work From Home? Make Sure to Digitize and Automate your Business”, implementing a Work From Home (WFH) set-up is not a new thing nowadays. Some organizations include WFH as part of employee benefits or privileges while for others, it’s part of the contingency plan when a disaster or community health risk get in the way.

WFH can be a permanent set-up for some employees whose nature of work can be done outside the workplace. Moreover, some organizations allow WFH depends on the employee role and work style. Hence, making a work from home set-up a viable and appealing option even during normal circumstances. On the other hand, work from home can be limited to employees whose tasks are towards client relationship management and operations.

Furthermore, WFH is a way of business continuity in times of natural calamity or community health risk to ensure the safety of the members of the organization. With the inevitable community situation lurking around, WFH set-up is highly utilized by most organizations to ensure business continuity. In this case, employees and the management must both agree with WFH set-up.

Implementing it, however, might take careful steps to make it seamless. How can you do it? Let’s find out.

Not all employees may fit the work from home approach. Therefore, selecting employees for this set-up is vital to ensure that the job will be done as good as when they work on their office desk. Employees that require physical presence may not be suitable for this set-up unless they can get the job done otherwise.

As previously discussed, the organization must provide adequate equipment or devices needed by their employees. Means of communication and internet connections must also be ensured for proper and consistent work collaboration among team members.

Make sure to come up with a sophisticated digitization plan that involves digitizing physical files and giving remote access to business applications to work on the needed digitized files and extracted data from physical documents. This is also beneficial in the long-run to make the organization future-proof and digital-ready.

Establishing the expectation for WFH employees must be accentuated and made sure that everyone is properly aligned. Tasks to accomplish and timelines must also be stipulated with a fair share of ideas from the management and employees. This will ensure both business continuity and a harmonious relationship within the organization.

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