Work From Home? Make sure to Digitize and Automate your Business

Work from home set-up is not a new thing nowadays.

Some organizations allow employees to have schedules of working from home weekly, as part of the employee’s benefits. For some, organizations and employees agree to work from home due to fortuitous events like disasters and community health risks to secure the welfare of their employees.

The question is, how do you make work from home set-up as efficient as working onsite? Below are a few basic things that you may consider.

All members of the organization must have the means of communication and collaboration.

The administration must ensure that employees working from home have adequate communication tools like mobile phone, landline, internet connectivity to access messaging apps and emails for clearer coordination and collaboration. Nothing is more efficient than with proper communication.

Ensure that employees have equipment/devices they need.

 Laptop or desktop is ever an essential tool to work from home, although access to emails and other messaging apps for collaboration are already available on mobile phones unless access to some business applications is only restricted or limited to the office desktop. Aside from this, other tools must be provided for employees to accomplish their tasks. For instance, a mobile landline can be provided to the customer service team to answer customer queries and concerns even at home.

Most of all, DIGITIZE.

Aside from having an eco-friendly and less paper workplace, one of the obvious benefits of digitizing your office process is when employees can work offsite due to natural disasters or community health risks. Digitizing manual processes can even make the workforce more productive onsite or offsite. Therefore, it lessens the possibilities of tasks not getting done on time.

Business Automation tools like digital workflow and digital archiving tools like Document Management System can help you implement and establish a more efficient working environment, without requiring employees to always be at their office desks.

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