On-Premise Document Management for Remote Management

Recent events have introduced different ways on how to streamline business operations on and off the office premises. There are digital technologies that organizations can utilize where employees can remotely work at home (or anywhere else) and automate operation with reduced human intervention. This makes organizations resilient while giving employees and employers alike some peace of mind in these trying times.

The pandemic vehemently hit the world which affects businesses in all scales and industries. That’s why the need for solutions for Work From Home or Work From Anywhere set-up is growing to address the need of business continuity or remote management. One of these solutions is the Document Management System or DMS.

Docukit Document Management System (DMS) provides the core capabilities of digital archiving. Moreover, types vary based on your needs to tailor fit any business: SME or enterprise. One of the deployment types of Docukit DMS is on-premise.

For some organizations who prefer that no data should go outside their physical office premises, an on-premise deployment is recommended. For this set-up, the business has full control over the entire system including the server and its components. Though installed in the physical office, the systems can be configured to be accessed remotely from the employee’s home or elsewhere.

Organizations usually go for this approach if they have sufficient IT facilities (server room, local network, etc.) and technical support capabilities (system and network administrators and IT personnel).

Investments on on-premise digital systems are treated as capital expense (CAPEX). The software licenses and server hardware are purchased once, with a certain support/warranty period. Typically, post-implementation support is renewed on a yearly basis with an annual fee.

Docukit offers 3 types of on-premise deployments:

Docukit Prime Appliance (basic software + small server bundle)

Docukit Ultima Appliance (advanced software + small server + scalable storage + back-up system bundle)

Docukit Enterprise (advanced DMS software, no server)

If the Docukit on-premise system is to be made accessible through internet, it would need direct internet connectivity, static IP address, domain registrations, security, support personnel (system admins) and electricity. Back-up systems are also a must!

Among these on-premise options, Docukit Prime and Docukit Ultima are the most practical, portable, and affordable ready-to-use DMS solutions which can also be implemented quickly.

Can’t decide which deployment type you need for your business? Feel free to reach us at marketing@docukit.com for a free consultation. Moreover, you may want to take the online survey through this link: https://docukit.com/ensuring-your-business-operational-resiliency/