Introducing Docukit Data Protection App

In today’s world, larceny in limitless data, including personal data is inevitable due totechnological innovation. Companies are required to protect the personal information of thepeople inside and outside of the organization in their possession to recognize the rights ofindividuals to protect their personal data. But what if you already have archived or transformedall of your documents using the Document Management System or the DMS and you want tomake sure that the documents containing personal information are kept safe? How do you makesure that if your company has properly dispose it? And what if your company has failed todispose it? If ever the company have failed to dispose the documents containing personalinformation, then, the commissioner of personal data protection would have to fine the companyfor doing so.

With Docukit Data Protection App or the DDPA, we will be able to help you search,retrieve, secure and manage your data very easily. Following the data life cycle is alsoobtainable with DDPA. Here, you can create data sets and find out the expiration date of thedata effortlessly. DDPA is very useful in searching and retrieving in Databank. Moreover,Document filing was made easy in filing both physical and vital. You can search files using 8different index tags. Not only that, you can also secure and share the data by assigning admin,who has the access for all and the users, who only have limited access. This will highlycontribute to the productivity of each organization. Also, having this kind of software makes ourlife a lot easier (and more interesting) on a day-to-day basis. As someone whose job revolvesaround a bunch of office files, a software like Docukit DP App is extremely useful. We’reconfident to say that it’s not about storing your data but also protecting them. DDPA encouragesusers to keep their information details well organized in this digital age.