Docukit for Shipment and Logistics

Cargo handling oftentimes communicate through multitudes of types of documents. Once goods are shipped, you have to create invoices to your customer, whether it’s Freight On Board (FOB) your dock or Freight On Board their dock. In a manual context, the brick and mortar process in shipping sometimes leads to a decrease in efficiency and increase in cost.

It is very important that every piece of document is always available at hand. Having an easier way to find and show documents provide a seamless process from loading and unloading to tracking eliminating risks of delays, charges, fines and lost shipments. 

Digital Archiving delivers a logical solution that harness efficiency in shipping process from getting the shipment details up to billing administration. 

Below are some documents that digital archiving manages:

  • Vessel reports
  • Import / Export reports
  • Discarding report
  • Loading report
  • Receipts and billing documents
  • Logistics Documentation

By putting the right document in to the right hand in just a few clicks, shipment process can be more efficient and eliminates pain points. This allows you to dedicate more time in more revenue-generating projects. 

Digital archiving is usually set to be the subject matter expert in providing efficient solutions in shipping businesses, thus, harnessing profitability and productivity.

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