Docukit for Construction

Docukit for Construction Industry

In a construction project, “project” is the key word. Thus, a good project requires a seamless orchestration within its stakeholders: executives, project manager, contractor, subcontractor and the likes. Managing information requires faster access to relevant documents such as drawings, BIM and permits, to name a few.

Digital archiving streamlines the process of viewing and retrieving drawings like BIM and AutoCad and eliminates the process of printing in large formats that is time consuming.

On site, you can also view related documents as some digital archiving solutions are mobile-ready. You can browse it using your phone or tablet online. 

Below are some documents that can be filed via digital archiving:

  • Site Development Plan
  • Certificates
  • Permits like business and occupancy permits
  • Check Voucher, expenses and Purchase Order
  • Large Format Plan Archive

In a nutshell, digital archiving delivers faster tracking of pertinent documents. It is also an accessible and worry-free solution may it be in searching, viewing or alterations.

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