Docukit Case Study for Property Management

Organized Storage of Documents

  • Paper documents converted into digital files can be indexed by manual entry, drop down menus or OCR data capture.
  • Assign documents to tenant and owner folders with up to eight index tags each for easy search and retrieval.

Archive Different Types of Documents from Lease Agreements to Photos

Access Documents

  • Maintenance requests or agreements can be accessed remotely with a smartphone or tablet.

Improved Collaboration

  • Documents can be shared with multiple users in multiple locations.  

Version control 

  • Maintain all previous versions and allow only one user to check out a document for revision at a time.

Rules-Based Workflow Module

  • Streamline and speed up processes such as maintenance requests, purchasing, employee and subcontractor onboarding and, lease application approval.

Enhanced Security

  • Each user is assigned multi-level access privileges.
  • Documents are encrypted with the included SSL Certificate. 

A company that owns two apartment complexes in different parts of the city wants to streamline their document archiving and internal processes.  The company would also like the property managers of both complexes be able to collaborate on asset management (i.e. equipments and supplies) and forms management (i.e. application and lease agreement forms).

With Docukit, documents can be index tagged using drop-down menus, zonal OCR or by manual input.  These are then archived into a single secure repository. The documents can be easily searched and retrieved remotely, by authorized personnel only, with office computers or smartphones and tablets.  Documents are encrypted with the included SSL Certificate for enhanced security.

Internal processes such as maintenance requests may be submitted to the workflow module for efficient tracking from the request to the approval, materials requisition and report of completion.  The workflow module is also utilized for other processes such as employee and subcontractor onboarding and, lease application approval.

Updated forms such as Lease Applications and Agreements are managed by our version control function.  Docukit keeps the current versions at the forefront, while storing all the previous ones.  

The result is a much more efficient and organized document archiving system that helps save time and money while empowering the employees to improve customer service.

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