Docukit Case Study for Law Firms

How Docukit Can Help Law Firms

Enhanced Security

  • Only users with the proper credentials can view sensitive documents, reducing the risk of a breach.
  • Documents are encrypted with the included SSL Certificate

Search and Index

  • Convert your hard paper copies into searchable digital files with our built-in Automatic / Integrated OCR Software and reduce the time spent retrieving documents.

Organized Storage of Case Records

  • Assign documents to case folders, with up to eight index tags each.
  • Search the folder or top-level folder for keywords such as the client name or docket number
  • Add notes to documents to share with other users.

Version Control

  • Our audit trail allows you to see when files were edited and by whom and stores all versions of the edited document, while keeping the latest at the forefront

Access Documents

  • Access and edit your case files from any web browser or remotely with a smart phone or tablet – no apps required!

Rules-based Workflow Module

  • Streamline and speed up processes such as onboarding and assignment of tasks and approvals

A law firm wants to transition from a heavily paper-based archiving system to a digital one. The various documents needed to be archived include attorney’s notes, briefings, court forms and billable receipts and email attachments. 

With Docukit’s Secure Access module, only pre-authorized user(s) with multiple levels of privileges can access the documents. Security is further enhanced with encryption by the included SSL Certificate. 

Each document is converted into searchable digital files with our built-in Automatic / Integrated OCR Software and is index tagged for easy search and retrieval. Docukit’s version control function manages edited and annotated documents by keeping the current version in the forefront while storing all previous versions. 

Assignment of tasks and approvals such as document requests can also be made more efficient by the 

workflow module. An attorney can submit a document request that is routed through a series of paralegals and associates, with a deadline for each step, until completion. The hiring process can also be streamlined by the workflow module. 

The result is a more efficient document archiving system that allows secure in-office and remote access, thus increasing employees’ productivity.

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