Docukit Case Study for Government

Office Efficiency for Government

A Docukit Case Study

Infrastructure Government Agency

The government agency is involved in the planning, implementation and monitoring of public and private infrastructures including, buildings, roads, highways and the like under the constitution of NCR region. Since the agency is governing the construction policies and implementation, it is receiving and processing numerous and voluminous number of documents such as contracts, plans, bidding documents with attachments that are almost as thick as a book and the like that sometimes comes in the office on a daily basis.

Coverage of the Study

Docukit focused on identifying the pain points and challenges of the agency that has relation to document management just within the IT department. Thus, all their procedures must be anchored to the main office as the study covers the IT department of the agency’s NCR region.


  • Physical documents are hard to retrieve since these are being archived manually in a physical storage especially with documents that have retention period with ongoing transactions and authenticated with signature
  • Employees’ limited access to documents
  • Difficulty on sharing documents

Challenges Existence and Implications

  • Due to the manual process that has to be followed
  • Certain laws need to comply
  • Restriction to employees who aren’t eligible to view and share
    specific document

Given the agency’s challenges and the reason of their existence, the process on providing needed documents is prolonged from the time of searching, accessing and sharing to eligible employees up to manual approval and releasing of documents.

Solution Opportunity

Initially, the agency found Docukit to be helpful in achieving efficiency and productivity in the IT department with its feature
that would mitigate pain points, from making the process of document searching and retrieval easier and faster (compared to
manual search and retrieval) to employees.


Docukit has been integrated to the agency’s IT department server. Aside from utilizing the digital archiving features of the product (that includes searching, sharing and employee access and control to the digital copy of documents), it’s also being used as an offline back-up storage for contingency purposes. From there, eligible employees can now easily search, view and share digital copies of documents.

Product Experience

  • Easy to use
  • Easier to create reports in excel
  • Employee can dedicate additional time in doing other tasks
  • After sales service is satisfying and responses to concerns are fast

Key Results

Docukit helps the agency in mitigating functional challenges:

  • Easier searching and retrieval of documents
  • Faster and eligible sharing of documents within the team member
  • Employee can dedicate additional time in doing other tasks

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