Docukit Case Study for Employment Agencies

How Docukit Can Help Employment Agencies

Organized Storage of Digitized Documents

  • Convert your hard paper copies into digital files with our built-in Automatic / Integrated OCR Software
  • Manage documents electronically and categorize and name each file with up to eight tags each.
  • Add notes to documents to share with other users.

Search and Index

  • Search the folder or top-level folder for keywords such as the applicant’s name or skill set.
  • Reduce the time spent retrieving documents.

Version Control

  • Our audit trail allows you to see when files were edited and by whom and stores all versions of the edited document, while keeping the latest at the forefront.

Rules-based Workflow Module

  • Streamline and speed up the applicant evaluation process.

Enhanced Security

  • All files are securely archived and access to files is based on user permissions.
  • Documents are encrypted with the included SSL Certificate.

A local employment agency is overwhelmed with the volume of documents being processed and needs a faster way to retrieve critical documents. With Docukit, the full life cycle of documents for the employees’ engagement with multiple employers can be easily managed—everything from new hire documents, references, background checks, job location preferences to the recruitment placement process for identifying potential new employees.

Using an applicant’s name or phone number, the agency will have the ability to quickly view all files associated with the applicant. Should the employee wish to pursue new employment, the agency can simply forward his application and files to the new account manager through Docukit’s built-in workflow module. The new account manager will now have access to all the files and be able to determine placement options.