Docukit Case Study for Contractors

How Docukit Can Help Contractors

Organized Storage of Documents

  • Paper documents converted to digital files may be indexed with manual entry, drop down menus or OCR data capture.
  • Assign documents to project folders with up to eight index tags each for fast and easy search and retrieval.

Archive Different Types of Documents from Texts to Maps

Access Documents

  • Documents may be accessed remotely with a smartphone or tablet via the internet.

Improved Collaboration

  • Documents may be shared with multiple users in multiple locations.  

Version control 

  • Maintain all previous versions and allow only one user to check out a document for revision at a time.

Rules-Based Workflow Module

  • Streamline and speed up processes such as purchasing, billing and subcontracting.

Enhanced Security

  • Each user is assigned multi-level access privileges.
  • Documents are encrypted with the included SSL Certificate. 

An Installation company wants to digitize their documents into a single repository for secure and organized storage for easy search and retrieval.  The documents for each project include handwritten notes, location maps, photos with notations, quotes and contracts.

During the course of each project, the documents get notated at different points to document progress and conversations.  Docukit’s version control function manages these changes by keeping the latest version at the forefront while storing the previous versions.

Purchasing, billing and the hiring of subcontractors can be submitted to rules-based workflows to streamline and speed up internal processes.

While at a jobsite, the contractor may pull up documents to address the workers’ or the customer’s inquiries via the internet with a smartphone or tablet.

The result is a much more efficient document archiving system, thus increasing employees’ productivity and improving customer service.

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