Docukit Business Application – Contract Management

Maybe you’re a car insurance company, and you need to be reminded ahead of time when your clients’ policies are about expire – so you in turn, can take appropriate action.

Maybe you’re an equipment distributor, and you need to remind the clients that are renting an equipment from you when their rental contracts are about to be up for renewal.

Or maybe you’re an office with your IT infrastructure being maintained by third-party managed services, and you need to be reminded ahead of time when you need to renew your contract with them, otherwise you’ll wake up one day with your network infrastructure deprived of all tech support.

In all of the aforementioned cases, wouldn’t you want to have a system that would automatically remind you when your contracts are about to expire and be put up for renewal? Well, you’re in luck! Because apocalypse or not, new normal or old normal, Docukit Contract Management is here to keep you from missing those contract renewal deadlines!

Simply scan your contract into our Contract Management system, fill in the relevant info, and viola – you will never, ever miss a contract renewal deadline ever again!

For more details, head on over to or contact us at and learn more about Contract Management, and all our other business solutions!

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