Digitization and Automation Tools Towards Business Continuity

Now, more than ever, companies all over the world are taking a serious look at improving their Business Continuity Plans. The ability to work from home, or anywhere at anytime complemented by digital and automated processes are becoming the new norm and key strategies in ensuring an organization’s resiliency in the event of the next pandemic, calamity or any other disruption.”

As previously discussed in our article “Work from Home: Make sure to Digitize and Automate your Business”, we mentioned that digitization is one of the things to consider. Digitizing physical documents and automating processes can streamline business operations to deliver faster and more efficient transactions.

Through digitization and automation, you can lessen human intervention and let the business tools do the work, even when you’re at home or on a business trip. It keeps your business running whether in a normal situation or in an emergency.

Below are the tools that you may consider in digitizing and automating your business.

Document Management System (DMS). DMS is more than just a storage facility. It makes your document management more meaningful than ever. Creating a digitized copy of your physical files is the first method. After which, uploading it in a DMS lets you store, manage, easily search and secure your precious documents. It can automatically capture the content from your digitized documents as mentioned below. Therefore, accessibility and management will be faster and legitimate sharing of data will be automated. DMS comes in different types to fit each organization’s scale: basic appliance/software, enterprise-grade and cloud.

Data Capture and Intelligent Document Classifier. In just a few clicks, these tools will help you automatically classify digitized documents and capture its data so you can use it with other business tools. It lessens manual encoding and classifying of digitized documents saving loads of time for your team.

Data Protection Application. Organizations are somehow bounded by the data protection law to ensure consumer security when it comes to personal information. Data Protection Application helps your Data Protection Officer or DPO identify all personal data flows within your organization, including all data collected from customers and employees through various channels. It is the DPO’s tool in managing the personal data life cycle from collection, retention, and until the deletion of those data.

Business Workflow. Business Workflow digitizes approval processes that give the organization the capability to automate various routine processes for efficiency and productivity. In a few clicks, you’ll be able to route your digital documents for approval which eliminates manual approval pain points.

Customization and Integration. Connecting different business tools can make the transfer and use of data seamless and faster. One of the tools is the Application Programming Interface or API that lets your multiple systems “speak” with one another and share their data with each other.

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