Digital Workflow: Your Power Button to Business Continuity

In times of force majeure like natural calamities or community health risks, many factors are affected including operations of organizations. Manpower must be stopped putting the operation at stake which is why some organizations are devising a Work From Home (WFH) solution for employees.

Being a prominent tool for WFH solution, telecommuting applications are coming out everywhere in leaps and bounds as if it’s the new name of the game. But it isn’t the only tool that you have to consider when implementing a WFH set-up. Aside from a communication plan, there are other areas that you must look into and find a solution. That’s why you must taste other slices of the pie.

Remote and easier access to data, multi-level approval process and electronic routing of digital documents keep the operation going amid unusual community circumstances. These can be done by using digital workflow.

What is Digital Workflow?

Digital workflow is a sequential combination of rules, guidelines and tasks to streamline operation. Simply put, it’s converting your manual processes to digital form so you can finish tasks, monitor process flow and pull out data instantly anytime, anywhere.

How does it work?

Below is an overarching idea of a digital workflow.

1) Digitize and Upload – Create a digital copy of the document using a copier or scanner. Secure your document in a Document Management System (DMS). Capture key information and classify documents automatically.

2) Collaborate and Approve – Collaborate with involved users to manage and control revisions. Route for review, approval and processing.

3) Store and Archive – Secure the document in a DMS and manage user access and controls. You can also see document history and audit logs.

4) Search and retrieve – Efficiently search and retrieve documents information using a laptop / desktop PCs. Generate relevant reports based on captured metadata.

In a nutshell, digital workflow helps operation to keep running with minimal human intervention / physical presence and tasks can be done and monitored anytime, anywhere.

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