In just a little over 3 months, strategic plans designed for revenue and profit which were carefully set-out by companies were derailed and shattered. Nobody was planning against a pandemic. As the situation continues to elevate the levels of uncertainty and unpredictability, companies are now shifting their efforts to a much more crucial objective – Business Survival.

Companies are now re-planning how to navigate through the pandemic and this includes changing the way they operate – with special focus on increasing efficiency while driving down expenses.

Digital Transformation plays a vital role in providing essential tools to support an organization’s survival plans.

Aside from teleconferencing tools for collaboration, digitization systems are necessary to enable accessibility of data and automation of processes. These specialized digitization technologies ensure that physical files are digitally kept and secured for remote access, use and monitoring even from home or anywhere.

Here are two key systems for you to explore:

A Document Management System (DMS) enables digital archiving of business-critical documents not just for safekeeping and accessing of data remotely but also for information sharing and use while following data retention and legal policies.

Moreover, digital transformation also includes automation of routine business processes. A Digital Workflow System allows you to convert your manual routine processes such as approving invoices and reviewing contracts. Running these processes on a digital platform enables work to be done in just a few clicks while still following protocols on distancing and stay-at-home orders.

The greatest benefit of digital transformation amidst this pandemic is enabling organizations to be more resilient and continue to be operational while futureproofing and equipping them while the end of the situation is still unknown.

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