5 Things You Should Know About The Age of Digital Transformation.

Starting this decade, the implementation of technology has become ever more prevalent due to the demand for the efficiency that it provides to both global corporations and local businesses. In fact, due to the global pandemic that seized the world, many organizations have been forced to utilize online platforms, the first step that was taken which marked the embarkment of their journey to digitalization in this age of digital transformation. This article has compiled five simple things that you should know about the age of digital transformation and what it could entail.

  1. Digital Transformation can imply different things for different organizations. Though the general understanding of digital transformation means the incorporation of technology used to convert documents, data, and processes to digital in order to either enhance or improve productivity and efficiency. There is no limit as to what such transformations could entail. For one, it may be adopting new software that can help increase profits by automating processes and as a result, reducing manpower, for another it could simply be choosing to go paperless in the office by archiving data electronically.
  1. Digital Transformation is a process that can be endorsed to anyone and everyone.  As David Weldon, a well-renowned research analyst from TechBeacon has once said, the efforts contributed to pursuing digital transformation can encourage collaboration and communication within communities. In this day and age, promoting inclusivity and team-building is oftentimes a game-changing strategem that global enterprises and corporations. The process of building towards a digitally transformed workforce can very well serve as the perfect opportunity to hit two birds with one stone.
  1. You make your own rules in this digital age. Sure, there may all kinds of tips and tricks set in place to guide and provide you with the information you need in order to embark on your very own digital transformation journey. But no two companies will have the same experience down the road. Everyone will have unique requirements depending on what each organization defines as “business-critical”. Each one brings something new and innovative to the table which only enhances the user experience.
  1. Statistics and big numbers make a difference! According to Finance Online, a research-based review for a business when it comes to tech initiatives, 54% of companies worldwide said they are prioritizing digital transformation, while 49% are prioritizing cybersecurity. As experts would advise if you have yet to digitize your business, you’re missing out a lot. And chances are, the competitors in your field have already dived headfirst into it. A look at the statistics and trends of progression would be enough to not only illustrate the past but also predict the digital transformation across all platforms.
  1. You lead the transformation, it doesn’t lead you. One misconception about digitalization in this day and age is that information technologies will forefront your enterprise and business. The possibility of it bringing an end to specific careers is more feared than accepted. But the truth is, ultimately you lead your own digital transformation efforts. Digital transformation is all about improving business processes and customer experience. Each step that is chosen to be taken should be elaborately planned in the account of your desired business outcome which is exactly why digital transformation is not lead by IT since it necessitates all aspects of an organization.

The implementation of technology and digital transformation is expected grow more over the next few years. . Our software platform, Docukit enables you to kick-start your digital transformation by providing you with the necessary tools to digitize your data, documents and business processes and help your business transform and adapt to the changing business landscape. It is never too late to begin your own journey. In fact reading this article may already be your first step down the road! Check a few out our sources and relating articles written by researchers and field experts down below to broaden your horizons on the topic today!

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What you need to know about digital transformation

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